Amethyst Rune Set

Amethyst Rune Set

Amethyst Rune Stone Set.

The word rune means whisper or secret, Rune Stones are engraved with the letters of the Runik alphabet and are used as a system of divination, decision making and communication.

You can cast Runes every day or just when needed to consult an issue you are faced with. When consulting the Runes it is important to direct your focus to the issue you are seeking guidance about. Ask a specific question preferably one that does not give you a yes or no answer. Runes are meant to guide your path by accessing the sub-conscious higher self not to tell your future.

The future is not fixed it is ever changing and by redirecting your path you can redirect your future.

There are several ways to cast and read Runes and we do not subscribe to any specific or required way of casting and reading them because there are as many ways to cast as there are to read Rune Stones.

Amethyst is related to the Crown Chakra and helps to ground, calm, cleans and balance the yin yang energies. Amethyst is a spiritual stimulator as well it is thought that it can assist with cleansing the liver of toxins, strengthen the heart and help with lung problems. Stones each measure approximately 2cm x 2cm.

Please keep in mind that these are each hand crafted and vary slightly in size larger or smaller.

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